Commissioned by PEACE PLEASE

Ceramic artists Barbara Jackson and Shirley Fintz, together with Mataphelo Ngaka, have facilitated a revival of an ancient beading tradition in Southern Africa. A desire to create employment and empowerment for disadvantaged women in Cape Town led to the creation of "MONKEYBIZ.

MONKEYBIZ supply richly coloured glass beads to women in townships of Cape Town (Khayelitsha, Mandela Park and Phillipi). The 450 women involved in the project are currently producing exquisite handbeaded artworks-each a unique one off creation. Each women is paid for every item produced and since they work from home, can look after their families and avoid transport costs. Every two weeks the leaders of each area bring the completed products to Monkeybiz headquarters in the city centre.

MonkeyBiz is a non-profit organisation - all profits go back into the communities.

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