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PEACE PLEASE™ delivers products and messages that promote peace and peaceful coexistence. Our goal is to help people find a visible means to express their hopes for the world. Our original three t-shirts (Lincoln, Peace on Earth and Jefferson) were born from and for the streets in October 2002. They were included in "Times of War - Signs of Peace," an exhibition held in New York in 2003 showcasing the visual voice of peace marchers. More recently, starting in December 2011, the PEACE PLEASE designed and produced Peace Symbol Lights were featured in the "Light but not Light" installation, a collaboration between PEACE PLEASE and 0.00156 acres Gallery in New York.
PEACE PLEASE™ contributes monies from sales to groups that promote peace and coexistence, some of which you'll find listed on the links page. Funds are additionally being used for the creation of an international peace channel. To direct the donation from your purchase specifically to one of the organizations listed, send us a separate email stating your wish and we will contribute the monies accordingly.

On the message side we have a Gallery, presently featuring "People for Peace." Our parent, The Peace Channel Network, Inc., also runs "Voices for Peace," an area for anyone to leave messages about peace and coexistence and share ideas as to how we can best bring these ideals about. Add your voice - together we can make a difference.

Clapping Woman, Philadelphia*

      *All photographs throughout PEACE PLEASE are by WF Cieben, taken at rallies in Washington D.C.,
       New York and Philadelphia from February 2003 - August 2004.
PEACE PLEASE is proud to present
       in its gallery a new exhibit by Cieben
"People for Peace". To visit the Gallery and the exhibit,
       click on the picture above or any of the photos throughout

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