Send Your Picture of Peace

PEACE PLEASE is running a visual on its home page channel featuring images of peace that people have sent to us. Send us your picture - let's show the numbers that are out there for peace.

Send pictures to - ideally a file size below 500k. If you can put your name and location on the image you send that would be great, but we can do it for you if you'd like. Send your name - first, last, whichever - and your general location, e.g., Houston, London, Riyad, and we'll add them to the whole of your image (unless you'd prefer we don't). (And don't forget that you can leave your written thoughts on the Voices for Peace message board -

Details for sending are:
                                  By email:

                                   By post: Images
                                                PEACE PLEASE
                                                140 West 23rd St., PHD
                                                New York, NY 10011
                                                United States

Send your picture - be visible for peace!

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