The pictures at left were taken at a March for Peace held in Fayetteville, NC on March 19, the second anniversary of the war in Iraq. The photos show the diversity of those pushing for peace, from soldiers to belly dancers, children to grandparents. Join them...
speak up, speak out and keep peace visible!

Iraq: over 100,000 civilians and over 1,700 Coalition soldiers - dead from war. Israel and Palestine: over 4,000 killed since 2000. Sudan: tens of thousands dying from conflict each month. Chechnya.
The U.S.   All you 'leaders' out there, listen. We - the people - want peace, please.
Make it happen.

War is Terror,
New York

All photographs throughout PEACE PLEASE™
are by WF Cieben, taken at rallies in Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia from February 2003 - August 2004. PEACE PLEASE is proud to present in its gallery a new exhibition by Cieben, "People for Peace". To visit the exhibit click on the picture above or any of the photos throughout PEACE PLEASE.




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Peace. Let's make it happen.





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