The pictures at left were taken by Mark Brunner during a recent trip to Africa. They remind us
that people of peace are everywhere - the numbers are on our side. Please...
speak up, speak out and
keep peace visible.

Iraq: over 100,000 civilians and over 1,700 Coalition soldiers - dead from war. Israel and Palestine:
      over 4,000 killed since 2000. Sudan: thousands dying from conflict each month. Chechnya.
      The U.S.   All you 'leaders' out there, listen. We - the people - want peace, please.
Make it happen.

War is Terror,
New York

All photographs throughout PEACE PLEASE™
are by WF Cieben, taken at rallies in Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia from February 2003 - August 2004. PEACE PLEASE is proud to present in its gallery a new exhibition by Cieben, "People for Peace". To visit the exhibit click on the picture above or any of the photos throughout PEACE PLEASE.




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Peace. Let's make it happen.





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