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The video at left is by musical artist Kaleo. He says he was inspired to create a song called BRING 'EM HOME "...after years of watching the war and its affect on our collective society. It is Dedicated to All Soldiers, Families, and Friends. I poured my heart, soul, and emotion into this creation so that others could heal."

The message of this song and video is important. The closing photo speaks volumes. There are too many of us, humans of all kinds, dying from conflict in Iraq, and in too many places around our world. We must make the madness stop. NOW.

Iraq: more than 650,000 civilians and over 3,250 Coalition soldiers - dead from war. Darfur: over 400,000 people, dead. Israel and Palestine: nearly 5,000 people since 2000, and 500 more since July. The Congo: 3 million since 1998. Chechnya. Afghanistan. Lebanon. Sri Lanka. New York. The list goes on.......And on..... It's enough already.
All you "leaders" out there, listen. We - the people - want peace, please. NOW.

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The visual above shows photos of people of peace, or visual expressions of peace which they created. These photos provide just a small capsule of the tens of millions of people around the world raising their voices and being visible and vocal for peace. Please join in! Send YOUR picture to images@peaceplease.com



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Peace. Let's make it happen.


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