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The music video at left, "Three Wishes Left", is by singer songwriter Julie Durden. Julie first contacted Peace Please in 2005 to see how we could work together to promote peace, a testament to the nature of her soul and her wish to make the world a better place. As she says succinctly of "Three Wishes Left", "It's a song about peace in today's society..." We
feature it here as it expresses perfectly how communication, love, acceptance and forgiveness can go a long way towards improving the state of our world - both on a personal and global level. Peace in our world depends on the actions of all of us.

Iraq: more than 650,000 civilians and over 4,035 Coalition soldiers - dead from war. Darfur: over 400,000 people, dead. Israel and Palestine: over 5,000 people since 2000, hundreds more the past months. The Congo: 3,000,000 since 1998. Chechnya. Afghanistan. New York. Sri Lanka. Lebanon. Our Sons and Daughters. Husbands and Wives. Parents and Friends. It's enough already.
All you "leaders" out there, listen. We - the people - want peace, please. NOW!

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The visual above shows photos of people of peace, or visual expressions of peace which they created. These photos provide just a small capsule of the tens of millions of people around the world raising their voices and being visible and vocal for peace. Please join in!

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PEACE PLEASE™ is about peace, and peaceful coexistence. Through PRODUCTS, a Gallery and a message channel - Voices for Peace - our goal is to get peace seen and heard. We give money from sales to groups that promote peace and coexistence - Veterans for Peace, CPT, Women in Black, United for Peace & Justice, Seeds of Peace, Code Pink and Gold Star Families for Peace - in addition to helping fund the creation of a peace channel. Please join our mailing list if you'd like us to keep you posted about new items and other developments.

Peace. Let's make it happen.


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