Peace Symbol Belt
Silver Tone Buckle with Black Leather Belt      $16.50---Sale $15.00

Buckle: 2-1/4" in diameter (5.7 cm) === Belt Strap: 1-3/8" wide (3.5 cm)

*Please note that the buckles may have slight imperfections when viewed up close, but still look fantastic when worn


(Click for a guide to sizing)

Sizing Guide:
The sizing shown for the belts represents the distance from the pin of the belt to the first and last holes on the belt strap. To determine your size, take a belt that you presently use and measure the distance from the pin on the belt to the hole on the belt strap that provides you with the most comfortable fit. With that number in hand, look at the numbers next to the sizes of the belts that we offer and see which belt size the number that you measured corresponds to - this is the one to order.

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