Support Sanity™
Coffee Mug

11 oz.
Dishwasher Safe


If you would like to pay by phone please call 1-877-PEACE-01.

Support Sanity™ is an independent public campaign working to build visible support for an evenhanded two-state solution for Israel and Palestine by promoting the mass display of a simple symbol: the Israeli and Palestinian flags crossed in friendship over the motto "Justice - Peace - Life."

In addition to the coffee mug do take a look at Support Sanity's™ other great items. The centerpiece of their campaign is the elegant yet inexpensive lapel pin, which supporters of a just peace are encouraged to wear the pin as part of their everyday attire. Plus, there's the Support Sanity™ t-shirt and the value filled Variety Pack featuring the lapel pin, a sticker and a button. All are great items either for yourself or to give as gifts.

Please back the effort and Support Sanity™ in the Middle East.

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