The Israel/Palestine Lapel Pin
By Support Sanity™

1-1/4" wide, Butteryfly clasp
6-color soft enamel design

- $3.00 -

If you would like to pay by phone
please call 1-877-PEACE-01.

Support Sanity™ is an independent public campaign working to build visible support for an evenhanded two-state solution for Israel and Palestine by promoting the mass display of a simple symbol: the Israeli and Palestinian flags crossed in friendship over the motto
"Justice - Peace - Life."

The centerpiece of the campaign is the colorfully elegant and inexpensive lapel pin shown at left. Supporters of a just peace are encouraged to wear the pin as part of their everyday attire. (Do also check out the Support Sanity™ Variety Pack, t-shirt and mug.)

As Support Sanity™ explains,
"to us this symbol represents the only solution that makes sense - two equally secure, viable and sovereign states for two equally worthy peoples. For only with symmetry can there be justice. And only with justice can there be peace. And only with peace can there be the life that the mainstream on both sides longs for."

Please back the effort and Support Sanity™.


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